Fulcrum Associates


Traditional values.  Non-traditional results.


Our Values

We employ traditional values to achieve non-traditional results, the hallmark of which is integrity and teamwork for the benefit of our clients.

  1. Integrity is at the core of our business.
    We are open and honest in our dealings with our clients and our focus is on giving them a winning edge in the digital marketplace.  We maintain our clients’ confidences and provide complete transparency in our approach, engagement and communication process, financial arrangements, and full disclosure of engagement partnerships.
  2. Client Satisfaction is Client Success.
    Client satisfaction, with services that bring results, is at the core of our business.  We will not build our own brand at the expense of our clients’ businesses nor carry independent agendas.
  3. The best idea wins.
    We pride ourselves in providing an objective view, unencumbered by special interests, group think, and momentum politics.
  4. We foster client independence.
    We are open in sharing our growth methods and problem-solving techniques – to enable our clients to operate independently over time.  Our services are not influenced by the promise of the next opportunity.
  5. We stand by our clients and our work.
    We will take the call for advice long after the engagement is completed.  We take pride in enabling constructive change long after the executives have presented at the town-hall meeting.
  6. Our solutions are customized for each client.
    We do not resell boiler-plate solutions to our clients.
  7. Our values extend to our engagement partners.
    We require that our engagement partners demonstrate these same values.  We will not do business with partners that do not live by these values.