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Jerry Lepore


As a dedicated and devoted husband, father, and grandfather I am thankful and humbled to have had success in this facet of my life’s work.  I attribute this largely to having, and employing, traditional values in order to achieve non-traditional results.  I use and encourage this same philosophy in my career assignments.  The success of a family is in the strength, understanding, cooperation, contribution and hard work of every member of the unit for the overall good of the unit.  Similarly, the success of an organization or company is based upon the same attributes.  I have also been fortunate to have had many people that have contributed to the following successes.

Mr. Lepore is a 35-year executive and veteran serving HealthCare, Education, Financial Services, and Construction industries.  He has worked with a number of top-tier companies as well as startups in a variety of executive level technology and operational positions.  Jerry has also raised over $750M in capital to fund new companies and ventures.

Since 2002 Mr. Lepore has consulted on strategic issues and solutions for corporations, concentrating on strategic direction, customer acquisition, organizational effectiveness, operational excellence and profitability.  He has coached, mentored, and in many cases placed executives in over 20 firms.

From 2008 through 2015, Jerry co-founded and lead GreenWizard Inc., a SaaS based Product Management software firm for the green and sustainable commercial construction industry.  From 2011 to 2014 the company grew 400% top line year to year and has become the leading provider in its space.

From 2006 to 2008, Mr. Lepore was the Chief Operating Officer at Benefitfocus Inc., a leader in software and services for the healthcare benefits market, providing technology solutions with both enterprise and consumer applications to the Payer and Employer markets.  He was hired to grow and stabilize the company which he did by quadrupling revenue to $57M in two years and achieving positive EBIT for the first time in company history.  He also positioned the company/business for future growth and spearheaded securing of a large capital raise.  Today Benefitfocus is a public company with a market cap of over $1B.

Mr. Lepore held equity positions and served as the Chief Operating Officer for Cardean Learning Group, an online higher education learning institute, and ProAct Technologies, a software company targeted at delivering solutions in the Employee Resource Management (ERM) and Benefits Management domain.

In the late 1990’s, Mr. Lepore was the Founder and Managing Director at Pinkerton Scientific (PSCI) a division of Pinkerton Computer Consultants (PCCI) Inc.  PSCI delivered professional products and strategic business and technology services to executives in the Financial Services, Insurance and HealthCare Industries.  He grew the new services business $40M in the first 2 years which enabled a corporate buyout of PCCI and PSCI) by HIG Capital.

Mr. Lepore also served as the Chief Technology Officer at Cigna Corporation and the Managing Director of Microsoft’s Consulting Services, where he was responsible for starting, developing, and managing Microsoft’s Worldwide Consulting practice for Information Technology Reengineering.  This group contributed $20M in annual service revenue and $600M in product revenue pull through to the business.  He was also the Vice President of Enterprise Technology at Aetna.

During his career, he has had several publications, some appearing in Harvard Business Review, and Sloan Management Review.  His work has also been the subject of casework for the University of Manchester, UK.  Mr. Lepore has also been a key speaker at many industry conferences including Electronic Commerce World, CSC Index Executive Summit, CASE World, EnterpriseWorld, Information Systems Executive Conference, Microsoft’s Worldwide Solution Provider Summit, and the American Insurance Association Automation Symposium.

Mr. Lepore has held many board and committee designations including the Board of Directors for GreenWizard Inc., the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Digestive Disease Center, and Benefitfocus.  Jerry is also an advisor to several software startups in healthcare, real estate, media services and consumers services industries.  Mr. Lepore also coaches and mentors upcoming corporate executives as well as university students in business entrepreneurial programs locally.  He has volunteered for and assisted in fundraising for Women’s Cancer Care Foundation, Camp Shriver, WINGS for Kids, and MUSC Children’s Cancer Care.